Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best Made Plans

Do you ever make plans and then have them fizzle out?  My plan yesterday was to go to Albert Lea to the funeral of a classmate's husband, meet up with a customer from Owatonna and give her the quilts I had quilted for her, stop at the "Quilt Shop", look for some paper, go to the Bible book store and on and on etc.  BUT on the Interstate, my tire blew.  (I know...it doesn't look flat...but believe me it was! Wayne had already started working on it.) I wondered what the noise was and then the van started wobbling, so I pulled over to the side of the road.  Sure enough...flat tire.  Thank goodness for cell phones!  Called Wayne, he called his brother in Albert Lea who came out and got me so I could make it to the funeral and then would call someone about fixing it.  To make a long story short (guess I've already made it long) Wayne ended up driving up and changing the tire and we ran into Bauer Bilt and had it fixed.  (He is not resting in the front seat...this van has a release button in the center of the floor to make the spare tire drop that didn't want to release.) But by this time...forget the rest of the list.  But so many things to be thankful for....could have happened in Branson, the tire affected was on the ditch side of the road (some semi's do not pull over)...I was able to make it to the funeral.

On a good note, I finished my last applique and got the border on.  Now to hand quilt it.  It turned out a little bigger than what I had planned even tho I left off an additional border.  So instead of eventually hanging in my kitchen, it will be hanging in my dining room or bedroom.  But first...get the quilting done!   Best made plans!   My next plan is to blog less...we'll see.  This weekend is our 150th Anniversary at our church...Dell Lutheran.  Wayne and I have been on the committee for over a year and one more meeting tonight and hopefully our plans all come together. Whatever...it's all in the Lord's hands...He's got better plans than we do anyway!

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  1. What a day you had! Glad all turned out well.

    Your applique quilt is just beautiful!!!! Will look fabulous no matter where you hang it.