Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quilts...of course!!

I always look forward to the quilt display at the Clay County Fair, but this year the displays seemed a little sparse.  But I can always find some that catch my eye.

Isn't this interesting!!  Love how she didn't just round off the edge,,,gives it much more pizazz!  Wonder how she'll hang it,,,,or maybe she'll use it on a table.  Anyway--it caught my attention.

I couldn't get back far enough to capture the whole quilt.  It was a round robin of sorts.  What fun blocks!

Guess I would call this Dancing chickens.  Not that I've ever seen any dancing chickens...maybe just in dreams. Have spent the week just catching up on things.  Finished my last row of the rows for Block Swappers...which I can't show you.  Also finished the applique for a wallhanging...that isn't ready to show yet.  And just about have a woolie done...but want to wait to show you that.  Isn't this maddening....kind of like a continued story.  Keep watching...they will eventually show up!! 

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