Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September BE VAlley Quilters

We had one of our biggest turnouts for our quilter's meeting Monday night.  And lots of show and tell!  Tracy is a fairly new quilter and is not afraid to try things.  This is made of old denim jeans for her son.  She'll be appliqueing the word  REBELS to it too.

Corrine goes to a "place mat of the Month" group and this is the latest project.

Elaine has spent her time off from work making charity quilts.

And she's hiding behind this one.

Wow!  Arlene said the hardest  part of this was the outer pieces that had to be set in.

This is so unlike Dorothy!  She always does precision work and here she's tackling some "wonkies"....blocks that are supposed to look a little wonky.  I have blocks that look that way without trying!

This was still hot off the machine.... Jan had quilted this for one of her customers.

The backside was also a work of art!  More next time!

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