Monday, September 12, 2011


So now you know...we were in Branson.  It is such a fun place to visit and no matter how many times we've been there, there are always more new shows in town!  Someone told us there are over 100 shows plus 400 places to eat.  We didn't quite make it to all of them.  This is Dixie Stampede.  It featured a dinner that was delicious!  Right down to the finger licking dessert.  All of it was finger licking good!  The pre-show and show were excellant. 

This is what you saw when you drove up to the Stampede.  It was so pretty, but no smell...yah...fake.  Fooled me!!

And this is for all of you who have gone to Branson and fought the traffic or who have heard of the horrendous traffic down there...a little secret...when you get there the day after labor day until people!!!  As we got closer to the weekend...the traffic increased.  Not even many buses.  But by Friday...they were coming in!!  Didn't take a lot of pictures, just too busy doing the tourist thing..shows and eating.  Think we went to 8 shows in all.  I don't know if there are any bad shows in Branson...may not always be our brand of music, but still some really good ones. One of our favorite eating places is Mcfarlain's.  Good home cooking.  Shows that we went to were Presley's, The Dutton Family, New South, Six, Noah, Smoke on the Mountain,  and the Stampede.  We didn't do a lot of quilt shop and one kitchen store.  But I did find a couple of things in the kitchen store that I've been looking for for a long time.  More next time....    Jolyn

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