Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Road Home

Seems like each show in Branson has some comedians..all great and all clean fun.    These were the two from the Presley's.  They were so quick-witted...course you have to be to interact with the audience. At one show every outfit the guy wore was bright was a orange and white checked suit!

We meandered up the west side of Iowa on the way home.  Starting near Maryville, Mo up to Clarinda, IA was devastating hail and wind damage.  Some of the corn this one...look like they've been picked.   Even the tree leaves were thinned out.  So sad to see.  There were a number of combines out trying to harvest what they could of the corn, but Wayne wondered if it would be moldy.  

Our Sunday destination was the Clay County Fair at Spencer, IA.  Always a fun event!  Now here is a tractor!   You want more women out in those fields??....start painting those tractors pink!!!  Course we will call them "cute"!!

Here's one thing on a stick that I ate!  Yes--it's an egg!  And I wasn't the only one...people were consuming them as fast as they could hand them out.

In the afternoon we enjoyed the chuck wagon races.  Those horses fly!  So did wheels and riders!  Spencer has a great grandstand with individual seats with backs on them! 

I'm hoping if you click on this picture, you can get it to enlarge so you can read this.  I found it in...where else???...a ladies bathroom.  Oh the things you find!

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