Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Six

Linda's masterpiece!  She added lots of interesting borders. 

This is mine...I made 48 more log cabin blocks and also a bunch of stars and one applique.  Tracy did her magic quilting on it.

It's interesting how the butternut color comes out because of the borders that Monica added.  She also made more blocks...the gold and light ones near the center medallion.

Cindy chose the barn raising layout and added several borders.  So many fun things you can do with log cabin blocks.

Dorothy dressed hers up with this interesting border.

Jude offset her blocks and added applique.  Each one different, but fascinating on their own.  All of them have same 48 log cabin blocks we exchanged....some added more...or other blocks.  Laid out in different settings and different borders..or no borders.   Wish I could have gotten full pictures of each.  We're now working on the blocks for next years exchange.  Don't tell anyone...but I finished my blocks this morning....all 110 of them....the rest of the Blockswappers hate me just now!

You really needed to see this quilt in person to "Oh" and "Aw" over it!  Dorthy made this paper-pieced quilt.  I do believe she took a class in Hayward from the one and only Merle (paper-piecing queen!)  

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