Monday, September 5, 2011

Catch Up Time

I won't be in blogland for about a if you look at just one of these pictures each won't miss me.  I am so amazed at how many green beans I find and I'm just picking about 8'. thing I like about this variety is that the flower falls off so that I'm not having to clean it off each bean. 

The beginning of the tomato harvest.  Just enough each day for Wayne to have one for each meal.

Besides canning 5 lugs, we ate most of another and I also froze some.  I use my vacum pac and that really seals them nice.  If we find we like them this way...I'll do more next year.

Can't forget the Spam...this is Minnesota...and we do raise hogs...and they do end up in Hormel.  Now if Spam doesn't gross you out....I LOVE it...I was cutting it into cubes to add to creamed fresh garden potatoes and carrots.  Not only do I like Spam creamed and fried...I like it fresh out of the can...especially around the edges where it's a little saltier.  I make it a practice to not serve it to our guests...I do know some of you are a little squeamish about such things.  ...I wonder if I could carve a pig out of it....wouldn't that be cute baked and served with pineapple???  Do remember that Hawaii is one of the largest consumers of Spam!

On the farm front...look at these beans..aren't they beautiful!!

On the quilting front this last picture shows some of the pieces I got cut out for the Blockswapper's exchange.  I'm all done with that project!  yeah!!!!  Well, until we exchange and have to make a quilt out of all the blocks!  See you in a week!  Jolyn

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