Monday, March 14, 2011

Ah!! Spring Can't be far Behind

  I picked these beautiful daffodils on Saturday.  Yes I did--I picked them at the local Super Valu!  Even so, it does mean spring is coming when they have the Cancer Daffodil Drive!  Besides, there is too much snow to see if any of our  flowers are even bravely trying to poke through.   I'm afraid I take my blessings for granted.  Day after day the tv, newspapers and internet are keeping us informed on the terrible suffering in Japan following the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear danger.  I can't look at any of the pictures any more without tears just imagining what those poor people are suffering.  How can we help--how can I help?  They all seem so far away and yet their suffering is brought home to us daily.  My advice......pray, pray, pray.  Also if you can give money, find a trustworthy agency and give.  They need us.    Jolyn

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