Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grandma Having Fun!!

Max and Isaac are down for a couple of days from the cities.  They love to run my power machines. (sewing machines for those who don't know)  Here's Max busy working on practice pieces.  I think he thanked me at least 3 times for letting them sew.  So easy to entertain!
When they turn 7/8 they can get their sewing license.  They learn to thread the machine, how to keep fingers out of the way of the needle, how to use the footfeet and then can use the machine with permission.  (Max did bring his license along.) This is Isaac working on his practice pieces.  Notice--a machine for each!!
Because Isaac has also done some sewing at school he's learned to do some ironing... another important part of quilting.
Isaac is also old enough to make his first quilt.  We found this simple pattern and took apart a kit for the project.  (it is legal to use a kit for a purpose other than what it was intended.)  He's choosing the layout of the colors.
This is the very center of his quilt.  Enough sewing for one day...they had playing to do with cousins Brandon and Taylor.  I did learn that when Taylor "babysits"...it's not really babysitting...it's hanging out.  Good to know those things.           Jolyn

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