Friday, March 25, 2011


  Stopped at the Calico Hutch at Hayward yesterday.  Always so many temptations. 
   What could be more tempting than a "Sale" sign on something!
   This is probably my favorite.  Course--I always love the '30's prints. 
   How is this for bright! 
   Some of the quilts are so new they aren't even up on the wall.
     Those tied stacks are the kits!  All ready to go home.  No hauling bolts and bolts of fabric to get cut.
   Here was the one that did go home with me...a Moda pattern, a charm pack and a little fabric for border and binding!  (Carolyn said she would come and clean house for me if I mentioned her name!)  (Wednesday will be fine.)
 I have mine pieced and bound, but is waiting to be hand quilted.
   You really have to see this one in's all wool!  Someday.
  The center is a cheater and then pieced around it.  A great "guys" gift. Didn't we all vow to get started making our Christmas gifts early?  Now's the time!

  Also picked up some "stuff", but can't show you until I get them done--which hopefully will be later today...unless I decide to make more.

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