Friday, March 4, 2011

Cats and Cooking

   Introducing a long standing farm cat.  His name is "Trooper's Cat".  I know--kind of silly, but this cat loves our dog, Trooper.  The feeling is not quite returned, altho Trooper does put up with him.  This cat likes to rub under Trooper's chin and walks about the neighborhood (farm) at Trooper's side.  She is also the worst mother cat I've ever seen.  She likes to make sure she has her kittens (regularly every spring) in the same box as the other cats so they can take over the care for them.  One year she had them as she progressed across the yard.  She is the only cat on the farm that comes up to the house.   No other cat would dare to lay in Trooper's chair. (I will be scouting garage sales this spring for a new pillow.  They only last so long.)
   Changing the subject, these are the ingredients for some of the easiest bars you can make.  When I take them to pot lucks, usually none come home with me.  That's good (and sad).
  Cook the pudding (not the instant kind) according to directions.  Add to the dry cake mix.  Put in 9x12 pan, sprinkle with a liberal helping of chocolate chips and bake at 350.  When they really really smell good, check the center to be sure it's done and pull them out of the oven. 
  Here are the results!  It is best to sample them to be sure they are fit for human consumption--probably from each corner... and middle... and sides.  Last night I took the customary corner sample and pretty soon here comes Wayne as he thought he should even out the row.  This morning I packed up 5 generous (very generous) pieces and made 5 ham and lettuce on rye sandwiches for the guys as they load out 3 semi loads of hogs.  Glad they don't need my "help".


  1. I don't think I've ever had that cake before. It looks so good!

  2. It should be called Temptation! Every time we walked past it, it would call our name and suggest a small piece. If you eat a piece by tiny little slices it has less calories????