Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

   This little critter showed up at our yard this week.  What he lacked in beauty, he definately made up for in aggressiveness.  Trooper went to inspect the intruder and the critter went after him.  Then Wayne came on the scene and he went for him.  It's a muskrat.  I've never seen one and believe me...he was uglier in person!  We wondered if he had rabies beings he was so aggressive.  He didn't comment.

    Ok- so we did the beast first...this is my new fun project.  They are called "Snap Happy".  They are made using pieces from a metal tape measure. (The remains are shown...remain is shown...English??)  The leftover tape measure is shown.  You open the bag by pulling on the little triangle tabs on each side and when you let go the tape measure pieces inside the top little piece snap the little bag shut.  (unless you insert them wrong....another lesson.)

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