Friday, March 11, 2011

Grandkids and Quilts

Altho most of these pictures are old, it's fun to see what the grandkids have made.  This is Morgan and her quilt.  I let them pick out their fabric and it'salways interesting  to see their choices.
Brandon's working on his "Snapshots" quilt
Here's the top all done!
Tyler's working on a Star pattern.

Here's his finished project.  I really enjoy teaching the kids to sew.  When they were too little for the machine, I taught them embroidery.  We traced their hand on a piece of cloth and that was their pattern.  I can't find any pictures, but Max made all kinds of embroidered animals.  I think they've all made a quilt except for Jared and Taylor and the younger two, Isaac and Max.  Maybe this summer!      Jolyn

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