Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice

 One of the treats for us when the boys come down is to listen to them practice their piano lessons.  Their other Grandmother is their teacher and she picks such fun music for them.  Now I took lessons for 5 years, but I never played anything that has so many notes on the page as these two play.  Love listening to them!  No, this isn't in my sewing room, we run over to our church.
   This is what Max worked on this week...sleeping bags for his stuffed toys.  Gives him lots of practice on using the sewing machine. All of his stuffed toys should stay warm now. 
  Here's Isaac giving me a cheesey smile as he practices.   Today we meet their Mom and Dad in Albert Lea for them to go home.  But first we have to venture to Calico Hutch so Isaac can pick out backing  for his quilt and Max can pick fabrics for his quilt project for next summer.  (Grandma has to have a little recovery time between each quilt.) 

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