Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Earth Valley Quilters

   Monday night was our quilters meeting and of course one of the highlights is the show and tell.  All those snow days came in handy as we had a lot to share.  Janine showed a cheater runner on which she is practicing her machine quilting.
   Each month part of the group is given instructions on making a particular block.  Here Lorraine has joined two of them.

 These two are part of Janine's show and tell.
  Lorraine showing another group of blocks.
   This was a gift from Mrs. Payne's daughter.  On the back she had put a little bird.  Must have been looking for his house.
   Arlene finished her block of the month that she got from Michelle's.
   This was a kit from the quilt shop in Winnebago.  Each white patch had a Psalm written on it. 
   Mike used some jelly rolls and stash fabrics to make this.  He was still in the process of quilting it.

 Peek a boo--can't see you.  Couple of cute baby quilts.  The bottom one had frogs on the fabric! 

   Monica is expecting her first grandchild and is having lots of fun making baby quilts!  I think that baby will be well supplied.

  Jan had a number of smaller quilts.

 Plus this larger one.

  don't know why everyone likes to hide behind their quilts!  Lissia made this for her daughter.

 Couple more from Jane.  Aren't these fun!  (On my list!)
   This was the backing for Lissia's quilt--using up the leftovers.
   Tracy showed a number of woolies that she has designed.

  Corrine with two table mats.  Both really neat patterns.

  The next three  pictures are more of Tracy's woolies.  Some neat designs!

  Mike gave a short demo on sewing a circle to a square without appliqueing it.  The iron was not cooperating.  The description said the process would take 6 minutes.  I think 5 minutes of that was waiting for the iron to get in gear.  But was a really neat idea and could be used on a variety of curved pieces.   

  Unfortunately (like usual) I forgot to take a picture of the finished square!  I guess you should have been there!  Our meetings end promptly at 8!  And we cover a lot of ground!!
  (with all these pictures today--don't expect a post tomorrow!)

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