Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Give Grandma a Near Heart Attack

I've been going through old pictures and these are from last winter.  There was so much snow on roofs that they had to be shoveled.  Over 15 sheds in a 10 mile radius of us collapsed because of the weight of the snow.  Here's Brandon and Taylor scooping off our roofs.
This is where Grandma grew faint.  Click on the picture and I think you can pick out Brandon sliding from the tallest peak towards the living room roof... on his shovel...on his stomach.  There wasn't a lot of soft snow if he would have gone off that edge.  He knew he could stop (because he had done it before) but Grandma didn't.
Here is Brandon jumping off the sewing room roof.  It wasn't so high and there were feet of snow below him.  That wasn't so hard on Grandma.   Boys.                  Jolyn

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