Thursday, March 3, 2011


My grand plan is to make 19 of these and use in one table quilt, but I don't know which color thread to use.  #1 is black, #2 is gold, #3 is cream (although it looks white), and #4 is a variegated.  I've pretty much ruled out 3 and 4.  Before I do the big one, I have one more small one to do--maybe 7 flowers.  Anyway--any opinions?  If you can't get the comment to work--my e-mail is 



  1. Hi Jolyn-
    I like the look of #4. It blends in better and doesn't distract from the flowers....however, it depends on what look you're going for. #1 and #2 are nice too, just a bit bolder.
    Whatever you choose will be beautiful :)

    Katie Zenk

  2. are you sewing them all together? If you want the "seams" of them sewn together to be hidden, then go with black. If you want it to be a part of the piece I would say the multicolored string or gold.

  3. Katie--thanks for the comments. The reason I eliminated #4 is that the thread blends too well and all my work doesn't show (not that it's that great) but it looks like I only did parts of each flower.

    Karis--These are sewn together with black thread. I stitched around each circle - but that doesn't show at all.

    Can you tell I like doing this one?

  4. I like the gold. It shows your work, but it's not stark.

  5. I agree with karis - go for the gold. Best of of both worlds - design and stitching.