Wednesday, March 2, 2011


   Yesterday we ran away...not too far..had to be home by 5.  Just to Mankato to browse (and eat).  This is what I've been working on.  Not too impressive.  I dug out all the wool coats I've bought and got them organized.
   Some went on shelves like this (nicely folded--rather than stuffed.)  I wash the coats as soon as I get them.  It's really a mess cutting them up so I like to stick with it once I start.
  The rest I cut into large squares, small squares and  rectangles.  Two small squares sewn together are equal to a rectangle.  Four small squares make a large square. And 2 rectangles make a large square.  I have a whole tub of them all ready to sew!  (Instead of 5 tubs)  But for now--they're back in the garage waiting their turn.
Now you know why I like to run away once in a while. (When we left home the temperature was around 41 and by 5 it was 26.)

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