Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lake Living

Here's a pre-sunset view of the lake from Kelsey and Karen's cabin.  It's a small and very quiet lake and lots of good fishing and no, I'm not going to tell you what lake as you all will come and catch all the fish...not that I like eating fish...but my guys do like catching them.

Kelsey on the left, Tanner in the middle and Logan.  You will note... I'm not on the boat as I would be saying...boys you better sit don't have on life preservers...are you really going to do that to that worm!!!  No...they know to leave me on the deck happy with my book. 

Tanner and Logan with their catches.  There will be no pictures of Kelsey cleaning any fish...not that he didn't...but I stayed with my book.

Karen had taken their jet ski out and as Baily really loves to go in the boat, she decided to give her a try on this.  She loved it and took to it like a pro.  I wasn't along to life preserver....that's why they leave me home on the deck with my book.

Here's Baily in all her cutesomeness. 

And here's Wayne with a self-portrait of he and one of his many catches.  I'm on the deck.....never mind.           Jolyn

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