Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And it Rained!!

For months and months we have been planning this Kicking Bear outreach to kids as a part of our church's 150th Anniversary.  Our committees were prepped, food was brought in, the gifts were secured, games arranged......and it rained. 

We're not talking your ordinary Minnesota rain...we're talking 5 1/2" in just a short time.  Yes, it changed a few things.

For instance...the kids now had water (and mud) to play in!  It actually made it all more fun.  It also dropped the temperature almost 20 degrees making it much more comfortable!  Can I say--everyone (kids and us oldies) had a ball!!

There were no restraints!  They were wet anyway.

Kick ball was more fun with water and mud to slide through.

The guy in the sleeveless shirt and cap is Ray Howell, leader and founder of Kicking Bear.  I think he really was a kid in disguise as he initiated a lot of the fun.

Lots of food.  This was all held at Prairie River Camp (a youth for Christ camp)  north of Bricelyn.  I like their "rules"... ladies first. 

This was my favorite part...crushing the Doritos for walking tacos.  A new experience for me. (I've led a sheltered life)   More on Kicking Bear tomorrow or the next day.  This week is our county fair.  It is unbearably hot... the humidity is high... attendance is low... and you can eat anything you want as you will sweat off the pounds while there. 

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