Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's So Hot....

A while ago I posted on facebook this statement:  It's so hot in Minnesota.... and got lots of fun replys!       ---Ole melted when Lena kissed him.     ---that I want it to snow again. (that statement we might come to regret)   ---even the mosquitoes turned on the A/C.    ---that the snowbanks finally melted.   ---two trees were fighting over a dog.   ---you can eat anything you want at the county fair and you will sweat off the pounds. (true)   ---all the chocolate I had in my purse melted.   ---we do all our cooking outdoors...without the use of a stove or grill.     And my favorite.......It's so hot in Minnesota that the house even sweats!  (see pictures)

Hope it's cool where you are!     Jolyn

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