Friday, July 22, 2011

Kicking Bear Conclusion

Back to Kicking Bear.  I always admire people who can get group games going.  Everyone was so willing to participate.  Notice...not just little kids.  We had over 75 kids register for the weekend!  We had hoped we could get at least 50!  That doesn't include the parents, mentors, youth and adult helpers and camp personal!  Did make it interesting planning the food!

Hay..they were already half soaked from the rain and puddles!  What's a little more water?

Always hoping the next person gets the splash!

You just know what's going to happen!

Oh yes, the tug of war!  Ranae (the camp director) got the girls all pumped up and they won the first pull.

But, the guys rallied and won the next one.

They did have extra help!  Ray is a World class weight lifter and an archery trophy hunter.  The Saturday event was focused on all the kids learning and shooting  arrows at a dozen targets set up around the boundaries of the camp.

Like I said--not just the little kids got into it!  And when the big kids are doing it....just more fun!!

For this one, the bigger kids looked for little kids.

Towards sunset we gathered by a huge bonfire. 

Tim and Taylor led some fun singing.  You know...Noah built an arkie, arkie....

This kid was clean compared to some of them!

Ray shared his story of his father leaving home to never return, getting into trouble, getting into outdoor hunting, starting his own business and then finally yielding to the call of Jesus on his life.  The kids were such good listeners!

Know this is a blur....but the moment was a blur.  The adults had been handed bags of marshmallows (40 bags in all).  Ray said it was a marshmallow roast....but just in case a marshmallow war broke out...there were rules.
1-No throwing at the face. ( I got nailed right in the middle of my forehead!)
2-No making clumps of marshmallows.
3-No eating of marshmallows after they had been on the if that was a problem...after they hit the wet ground once...they were covered with grass and dirt and after twice hitting the ground...they were getting slimy!  The two pastors there really got plastered.  It's surprising the marks a dirty marshmallow can make.  The one pastor described himself as looking like a large dalmatian!  It was good dirty fun!  I could even be enticed to do it again!  Hey...I'm not that old!     Jolyn 
Now that I think about it...the adults had the bags of marshmallows and fired the first shots. Whoa!!!

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