Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What is the one thing you would hate to leave at home when going on vacation?  No...I remembered my quilting projects (never touched them)...had extra books (finished one and started another)...Wayne....I'd never forget him!  He does all the driving...etc.

I forgot my purse...with my camera!  I couldn't believe it!  We were an hour down the road and I kept looking in the back...but no purse.  Thankfully I had thrown my pills in my overnight bag...I usually put them in my purse.

But what I was missing was my driver's card...check book.  How much fun is it to go shopping and have none of those things!!!  Wayne was good to me and gave me money and even happened in the quilt shop and paid with credit card my one purchase.

But I couldn't drive myself to any where...I think I would be labeled...dependent...or scatterbrained...or just plain forgetful.

So...what is it with these pictures?  Well the other thing I missed from my purse was my own camera.  All the pictures were taken with Wayne's no quilts or quilt shop pictures....but lucky guy did find a fly-in breakfast with all these wonderful cars and planes...while I was mostly gazing at the Back Porch Quilt Shop in Detroit Lakes.  Jolyn

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