Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Sightings

One Sunday in church a friend came up and asked if I would look at her quilt.  That's never a problem.  She's a new quilter and designed the above photo quilt.  It was really neat how she arranged the photos. The fabric for the star points was from her Dad's shirts.   I could take lessons from her!

If you remember the black and white with bright pink quilts that I made, this was the leftover four blocks.  Decided it needed a little "something" so hand appliqued some large flowers on it.  It's baby quilt size.

Just before Morgan left for Poland, we met her and her folks in Albert Lea for lunch.  She is such an adventurer...serving on a mission trip there for a month.  She will have lots of stories to tell. 

The old Dodge is up and running again....all polished and able to take us to Blue Earth for our favorite treat...McDonald's ice cream cone.  Notice the jolly friend in the back.

A new sign that they've added.  If you can't read have to come visit the Giant.

A view from the cockpit.   I'm disappearing for a few days.  Hope to be back on the air next Thursday.  Please behave while I'm absent!     Jolyn

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