Sunday, July 17, 2011

No Pictures

  There will be no pictures for this post.  It is just too gross....  Kelsey and Karen and boys left Sunday evening and we settled in by ourselves...Wayne happy with my book (I was on the second book by this time) on the deck.  Around sunset the neighbors built a campfire and we decided to wander over and make ourselves at home.  They had a beautiful golden lab who was gentle and friendly and so petable. (I petted her much.)  The neighbors asked us to join them in making s'mores.  I prefer my marshmallows pure without chocolate or graham crackers.  And these were those supersized marshmallows! Mmmm.  The way I really really like to consume them is to toast them brown, pull off the outer part, eat it, roast the rest until brown, consume, etc.  After doing this several times my fingers were quite (actually very!!) sticky.  Dilemma!  I had patted the dog....remember.  But what was I to do with my sticky mess.  So I did the neighborly thing...I licked them.    He was a nice dog and he was a house dog and what's a little dog hair with your marshmallow....yuck!!!  I refuse to sign my name to this one.

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