Monday, July 25, 2011

Last of Kicking Bear

Everyone seems to love a bonfire at the end of the day.  Especially after an exhausting marshmallow fight.  My thoughts were on..will these stains wash out?

The next morning Ray gave the training for the helpers and then the kids on shooting safely. 

Around the perimeter of the camp were the targets.  After the kids and adult divided into small groups...they worked their way around to each target.

We had lots of wonderful volunteers.  Not pictured, but necessary, were those carrying the mosquito spray!  Those little critters were hungry after all the rain!!

And of course...eating again.  The camp has a climbing wall and a rope slide, but the heat was taking it's tole on me so didn't head down there for pictures.  The event was officially over, but the camp encouraged the kids to try different things.  They also have  miniature golf and lots of acres to just meander.  This fall they will have their annual corn maze.  They do an amazing ministry there.  This summer they put up some new cabins so can house more  people.  All just a few miles north of Bricelyn.    Jolyn

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