Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hartwick Larson

Our landlord for over 30 years, Hartwick Larson, died Sunday, July 24th at the age of 101.  At that age you picture someone infirm, not knowing or remembering much and out of touch.  Not Hartwick...his memory was sharp and his sense of humor was intact.  He loved to visit and especially reminisce of the many stories of his past.  He could remember things back when he was a pre-schooler.  It was always a joy to visit him and listen to his stories.  He was always positive and upbeat.  He had friends...old and young.  If you stayed long enough...he taught you how to play Rumi-cube.  His life wasn't all easy...he lost his wife after almost 72 years of marriage.  He was allergic to a number of pain killers and had to go through root canal surgery without Novocain.   (me...I like a painkiller just  to clean my teeth).  
As I've been thinking of him this past week as he lay in the hospital and now after he's gone...I thought of how all of our lives pass so quickly.
   We can see our life in the example of the birds...  First there are the love much in love and ready to tackle life together.   Then the nesting birds where they are so very very busy with building nests and caring for their young ones.  Then there is that time when they're free of those cares and it's time to migrate.  And at last the tired and wounded birds.  I think right now at my age I sort of fit the last stage...mostly tired.  Speaking for myself, I enjoyed those first stages and don't really relish this last stage...but there is no fountain of youth and no turning back. 
   It really begins to refine our Jesus real?  ...are His promises true?  ...can we really trust Him?  Now, more than every, these things need to be iron-clad in our minds.  If we're still breathing...there's time.  Let the hope of knowing and trusting Jesus give you peace no matter what stage you're in.      Jolyn

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