Friday, April 29, 2011


   These quilts use the same style block shown in yesterday's blog.  Just different size centers and strips surrounding them.  Tricia's daughter, Gwen, made this one.
   Cindy made this one using all Christmas prints from one line of fabric. In stead of using a larger piece for her center, she used a 1 1/2" square...the same as her strips.
   Another one of Cindy's where she used the same center fabric in the outer strips and a constant cream fabric in the second spot of each block.  It's kind of endless the ways you can vary this!
   The next two are mine that I've shown before, but they fit in with these other quilts.  They use only one strip around the center square.  In the first picture I made 6" blocks and 3" blocks. 
  Leftovers from the one above.  All 3" blocks.  I had weeded out a lot of the fabrics in my first one, but in this one I used whatever and it turned out to be my favorite!  Never know.  I also washed this one and love the "old" look it gave to the quilt.  I also made 3 other quilts out of the "leftovers", but they've found other loving homes. 

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