Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mankato Quilt Show

Attended the Mankato Quilt show Saturday.  Lots and lots of inspiration! 
Course...one of the best parts of a show are the vendors!!  I think I made them happy. Yes, that is Cindy from Firefly Quilt Shop.

This one has to go on my to-do list.  It's a Terry Atkinson design.

This little gem was a lot of work and was really sharp!

How cute is this?? 

This one caught my eye because of the size and design.

Another to go on my to-do list.  Actually I think this one has been on it for a long time.

This was just a prop, but loved it!!    To make my adventure complete, I left the show and asked the girls at the registration if they knew where my van was.  Of course, I knew where I left it because I had made special mental notes where I parked !  But when I got out side (in the blowing cold) I couldn't find my van!  There were other tan vans, but not mine.  After tramping back and forth I used my panic button and it came from the area I was "sure" I had left it.  Then tried the "lights" thing.  What do you know--it was right where I left it...but "someone" had put new license plates on it.  Hmmmm.  Probably figured I didn't know the old one anyway.   But the show was good.              Jolyn  

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