Monday, April 11, 2011

The Tour

   Washington Cathedral is  immense!  A pretty awesome building.  There are a number of people buried here...Helen Keller being one. 
   I'm sure we didn't see even half of the inside, but what we did see was quite amazing.  The stained glass windows alone could have taken us all day to look at.  We had a guide and that really helped to appreciate the architecture. 
   World War II Memorial.  We walked through this ourselves.  The guide (bless him) was speaking in slow motion and we just decided to look on our own.  Note the jackets--it was chilly.
It was chilly and drizzly most of the time we were out there.  But that's better than Hot!!
   It is always touching to see that our veterans are still being honored.
This is one of the many murals depicting the lives during WWII.  it really is hard to capture it all on camera.  Besides we were trying to "see" everything we could as quickly as we could.  We covered a lot of ground in the 4 days we were out there. 

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