Thursday, April 28, 2011


   From the first time I saw this in the new magazine "Perfect for Precuts"... I fell in love with it.  Simple block, but just what I wanted to make.  It is called Mini Make-Do.
  The selecting fabric was easy as I just took strips from a kit intended for another project (that is not illegal).
   Into little pieces...many ...many little pieces the fabric went.
   Here's a single block.  It will finish at 4 1/2". 
These fabrics are all 30's reproductions.  They always seem to be "happy" prints.

   And here is my finished top.  I made it the size of how ever many blocks I got out of the fabric kit.  Now I'm deciding if I should add a border and make it  into a baby quilt, or leave it this size...quilt it and use it for a wall hanging in my kitchen.  So many decisions. 
  Oh yes...the leftovers.  I have a new template for the "Twister".  It measures only 1 1/2", so the little blocks are only an inch square.  I want to frame the first project and don't know what I'll do with the second one.  I have a few leftovers from it...but think they'll hit the round file for Neverland.  (interpretation...I'm throwing them away!)


  1. NO no no! Don't throw them away! I want to look through your scraps! Hold on just a couple more weeks!

  2. I will save them for you. What do you want to do that weekend?