Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

   Neil and Amy and the kids came for a long weekend.  We all had lots of fun.  Grandpa had found these tiny kittens that Eden loved seeing and holding.
   Here she's going for a ride on Sammy.
   Enjoying a "Lassie" movie.  Mostly Grandpa tried to stay awake. 
   These were the toys of choice for Ryan.  That train has seen a lot of mileage with a lot of kids.
  Oh yes, can't forget the Easter Basket hunt.  Do you see it?  Eden spotted it before me.
  Over to Shawn and Suzanne's Sunday to celebrate Easter and Bryce's golden birthday.(which was the 20th)  Here's Taylor relaxing.
   Eden had made a card plus door hangers plus bookmarks for Bryce. 
   The rest of us enjoying the kids enjoying the gifts.

  Just had to photo the card Brandon made for Bryce.  I guess 20 years old sounds pretty old for a 13 year old.  To me, it sounds pretty young!   Hey--even 50 sounds young!!                         Jolyn

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