Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Capitol

   After leaving Gettysburg, we traveled to DC and stopped at the World War II Memorial.  The Washington Monument seemed to be in the background no matter where you went.  It was huge and no we did not go up it.  I prefer being at the bottom looking up rather than the top looking down.

   In the center of the Memorial was a pool.  The part you can see in the background is the European action and there was an identical one on this side of the pool for the Pacific battles.  Each pillar honored the soldiers from that state.

   On the end facing the Washington Monument, were two rows of murals.  Each depicted a scene reminiscent of that era.
   And yes, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.  I guess I expected them to be in a central confined area, but they were every where.  So pretty.
   And of course, where there is water...
The mama came up and nibbled Wayne's finger.  She was quite put out that he didn't have any food.
 On the homefront...a sure sign of spring.  A new batch of kittens.  They are so cute...when they're little.  Too bad they can't stay this way, but as many pregnant momma cats that we have...we will have plenty of cuties.  Anyone in need?  No charge.

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