Monday, April 4, 2011

Where Oh Where...

 In case you didn't notice--we've been gone.  Lights off, bed made, house clean, suitcases full of more than needed clothes and please notice the hat on the didn't come home with us.   Please note that the suitcase is neatly organized!  (That didn't last long.)  
See if you can guess where we went.    This was our mode of transportation.  Home sweet home!  Over 2900 miles until we saw our own bed again.
  Where ever we went there were NEVER enough of these that were marked "Women". Always a line!  Always.  I don't mind lines if I'm first--but hate them when I'm at the last.  (Course I have a feeling everyone else with us felt the same.)
   This is one place we went--along with at least a million teenagers.  To say it was a tad bit  noisey is to put it mildly.  My brain was pretty dull by that point.
  This should give you a good clue.  Yes, that is blinding, slushy, icky, thick white snow...on a mountain..  It was called fervent praying. 

  Now can you guess where we were?  

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