Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Washington D. C.

   If you guessed Washington D.C.  ... you are right.  Our first stop was Gettysburg.  We had watched a couple of DVD's on the way out on the battles there so we were refreshed on our history.  Our first night we had supper at a tavern (pub...saloon) whatever they called them in those days.  Wonderful food...sorry I forgot to take pictures--just ate it!  When we were done, this gentleman came and talked to us on what had happened there and told what the soldiers from Minnesota did.
   One of the things that surprised me was how big the battlefields were  Pictures can't begin to capture the vastness. 
   Here we're overlooking the battle field from Little Round Top.  The south came across the field from those trees up to where the statue is--mostly open field. 
   Markers for some of the Minnesota boys who died.

   Having these firing at you when going across the fields must have been terrifying.  Actually the whole fighting had to be terrifying.
This also overlooks part of a battlefield.  It was a moving experience to stand in these places and realize the awful battles that happened and over 50,000 soldiers were killed.  Some instantly and many in the days to come because of the poor medical conditions.  When you think of it, all of these, north and south, were our boys.  Their average height was 5'4", weight 143# and age 23.  It was pretty sobering to stand in these places where so much history took place.  My hope it to go back there some day and spend more time.

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