Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dog Walking

  Many of you like to walk your dog...or your dog likes to walk you.  At our house..Sammy likes to walk with us.  Sometimes a little too close as when I'm not walking fast enough to suit him...he nudges me with his head...MOVE IT!!!  I move it.  
  This morning Wayne was trying to enter a new number in his cell phone and Sammy was just being a pest, so Wayne turned his back on him.  Sammy proceeded to give him three back nudges.  Wayne says he's just a big over-friendly dog.     Very big.

  Trooper almost got up and walked with me...but it looked like too much effort and he decided to"Guard" the porch. We know it's spring...as he has taken up the night watch.  After dark he lays out in the middle of the yard under the yard light...facing north.  Faithfully.  That's probably why he looks so tired during the day.

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