Monday, April 18, 2011

Family Time

   Friday we got a call from a niece who lives in California saying she and her husband were in Albert Lea and wanted to get together Saturday night for supper...perhaps a restaurant in Albert Lea?  Wayne and I talked it over and decided to have a pot luck here at our house.  So much easier to visit... in a restaurant you visit with the person on each side of you and that's about it.  So the word went out.  Top picture is of another niece's two girls...Brittney, Breanna and to the right...a girlfriend of theirs.  The young man is a nephew, Dallas.
   The kitchen is where we seem to congregate.  Dallas (yes, another one), Suzanne and myself.  The apron makes me look like I was doing something.
   A grandson's plate...he did good.
   A pot-luck is always fun as there's always a variety of food and not so much work for one person.  We ended up with 27 of us.
  Here's a "bunch" of the family after some had already left.  The honored guests are Dallas..front to the left and Lisa to the right by the rocker.  I think I can safely say...a fun time was had by all. We had 3 pans of no one should have gone home hungry!

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