Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 One day we toured Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg.  It was a cold drizzly day, but still better than being too warm!  This was a model of the first settlement of the immigrants to this country.  What amazed me was that one of the first things that was built was a church.  The freedom to worship God has always been an important part of our country.
   Wayne is giving Pocahontas a hug.  She was rather cold towards him.
   We didn't get out of the bus at Yorktown, but took pictures from the windows.  I was really amazed that the ditches and embankments that they dug for the battles that took place here are  still here.  And there were lots of them.  In one place you could see how there were places sunken in along the tops where they had had the cannons. 
   Whoops- I always manage to get into trouble.  This was in Williamsburg.  The main street of the town is about a mile long.  Any house that had a flag in front you could go in.  It was like stepping back in time.  I didn't find any ladies quilting, but we did visit a cobbler, a wig maker..altho they weren't my style,  and even found two horses pastured right in town!
  This was at the one end--more shopping areas rather than houses.  The buildings were all so quaint and there were no cars on this whole mile.  We ate at the "Cheese" store.  Also was told to be sure and visit the "Peanut" shop...which I think most people did...and bought.  Lots of samples to taste!  
  This day was probably our most "free" day as we had hours to walk around.  There was a wonderful museum in a former hospital for the insane.  Because we ate our noon meal around 3, we ate our supper meal in our motel room...peanut butter sandwich.  Don't laugh...when you been eating out for 4 days, a peanut butter sandwich tastes awfully good!!!

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