Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Max's First Quilt

Memorial Day weekend Jill, Isaac, Max, Janeen and Tyler were down.  Isaac entertained us on our keyboard while it was Max's turn to make a quilt.  The last time they were down we had gone to the Calico Hutch and picked out fabric for Max to make the quilt...Snapshots.
He was ready to go first thing Friday morning.  It was my hope that he would get the blocks done in the two days of sewing (and playing...etc.)

As he sewed, he made some interesting comments:  You and Grandpa could be fun.   In my class they don't think a boy can sew.  This is fun and boring.  I can't believe I'm actually making a quilt.  I like how my pieces get bigger and bigger. That's what I was estimating you were going to say.  It's not as big as aw shucks.  Who knew that picking up pins and putting them in a pincushion could be so hard.  I'm actually a shakey person.  I feel proud of myself making a quilt at my age.  I told my friend all about you and what a great quilter you are. (I should have given him money for that statement!)  I like how you're patient. 

After years of teaching kids to make quilts, I've found for the younger ones that if you draw the seamline...they can easily follow it (and less ripping for me).

In order for Max to lay out his blocks, we had to blockade their dog from walking through.

Did I say I hoped he'd get the blocks done in two days...he got the whole quilt top done in one day!!  He really stuck with it!

And here's Max with his quilt and Tyler with the first quilt he made!(quite a few years ago)   Proud of these boys!!  Was a fun weekend and it went too quickly.  But I guess that's always the way when family comes home.    Jolyn

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