Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend with the Granddaughters---Priceless!!

Three empty bedrooms and this is the bed of choice!! 
Karissa trying to decide which fabrics to use to make a Snap Happy Bag.
Morgan and her newly made apron!
Do you notice the "new thing" Karissa taught me?  I'm so excited!   I can change my wallpaper!! (I hope)
This was a quilt that Wayne's Mom, Amy had made and Janeen had claimed.  I machine quilted it and Morgan, myself and Janeen finished the binding making it a 4 generation quilt!  Couldn't believe how many 30's fabrics were in it.  Was a fun weekend, but I can't believe how few pictures I took.  Sad, sad face.    Jolyn

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  1. Wow, some really honest to goodness natural pics this time Grandma haha. That's ok Morgan and I took plenty of pictures, check out my blog!