Friday, May 20, 2011

Sure Signs of Spring

I always like to find these little violets growing in the wild...a sure sign of spring on the farm.

Even though they are late...the lilacs are always welcome!  I've been known to put some in the freezer to be able to smell them in the winter!  They are much better smelling in the spring.

Even the dandelions have a beauty of their own and seem to be the flower that grows best for me.

A very welcome sign this year with our spring being so late...corn popping through!  It amazes me each spring as we see God's plan for each little plant...each different...but perfect in its design.  Thank you, God!!  I like your plan!

Grandpa and grandson Bryce filling the planter with more soy beans.    They've been putting in long days.  Jolyn

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