Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quilting and Baking

   Linda brought out this quilt for the Quilts of Valor.  Really scrappy, but using mostly a light/dark pattern with the "Tumbling Block".  Good way to use up scraps--once they are all cut up!
  My accomplishment this morning!  There were 12 chocolate chip cookies, but the men walked through the kitchen...  I've found that when I stir up a batch of cookies, I only bake about a dozen.  The rest of the dough I roll up and wrap with sarah wrap and freeze or like the chocolate chip dough...I dropped spoonfuls on waxed paper and froze and then put in a plastic bag to  bake later.  Next time I want to bake some cookies...pop the dough out of the freezer...bake...and I'm done.  Besides...I don't feel obligated to eat them when they're still dough in the freezer.                 Jolyn
  (Be sure to click on the cookie picture and see if that gets your mouth watering!  Don't bother to come over...they'll be gone before you get here.)

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