Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Quilt

Cut out a new quilt...mostly batiks and sewed them into strip sets, cut them apart and started sewing them according to the picture.  Except...it didn't work.  I sewed the top half and when I laid out the bottom half the two dark points wouldn't line up.  No matter how I laid it.  Had Suzanne and Irene come over and see what they thought I was doing wrong (3 brains are better than one!)  But they couldn't figure it out either.  So we moved on and flipped the top over and mirrored that...

like this layout.  It worked.  I've added one border and two left to go.  I'm happy.      Jolyn


  1. That's really cool grandma. I like how it's turning out. It sort of has a neat tribal feel.

  2. we were hoping for Southwestern feel. Oh well.