Monday, May 30, 2011

Life on the Farm

Learning a new computer is too much for my tired brain.  Supposed to be quicker and easier, but you have to know things!! goes on.  Sammy loves his morning neck rub.  He's been a naughty horse, so was put in his pen.  Smarty jumped over the fence.  His favorite hangout now is down by the hog barn.  Don't know if it's the company...the smell...or if there really is greener grass down there....or if he is hiding from people who will put him in his pen again.

Spring always adds new batches of kittens.  The mothers all seem to have them in the same place...entry to the nurseries (as in pig nursery...not baby nursery).  Guess it's communal living.

And of course the weeds just keep growing.  Our planting season has been on hold after days and days and more days of rain and cold weather.  Today, Memorial day is hot....we don't get into summer gradually...and hopefully the guys can soon get out in the fields again and finish planting.       Jolyn

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