Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Rest of the Royalty

  There were other family members besides the Princess.  Max is playing his recital pieces for us.  It's amazing how fast he's picked this up. 
   Max, Isaac, Bryce and Grandpa. I think the party was more exciting for the Princess than some of her subjects.   Three different kinds of cake helped.
 Auntie Morgan holding Amara.  Such a pretty name for such a cutie.
   Here's Daddy.... Jared getting in on some of the "opening" action.
   Grandma, Max and Isaac. 
   Me and the girls...Karissa and Morgan.  Morgan was on a 30 hour fast and the next day road a 68 mile Iron Man bicycle ride.  Only the first 20 miles was riding into the rain, snow and wind.  She made the whole race and wants to try a 100 mile.  I can't ride down our lane without falling over....and I'm getting too old for skinned knees.
  Oh yes, favorite Uncle Ty after breaking the Princess' heart.  Something about not letting her swing a pencil around almost hitting herself in the eyes. No.... that was the first time... the second time was when he laid the blankie on the floor and she flopped down on it  only to run into a hard toy.  It's tough being a Princess (and an Uncle).

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