Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Candy

Back to our quilter's meeting.  Don't you just love show and tell!  Especially the show!  Jude is showing a quilt she's donating to the adopt a Greyhound cause.

Barb had made some placemats and table runner out of some upholstery material .  Use 'em up!!

Lissia made her first log cabin.  Understand there was some facebook time with Tracy getting through it. 

There is an Elaine behind this quilt.  A sampler from the Winnebago quilt shop.  I did have a picture of this quilt with Elaine, but she would have never spoken to me again if I had used it.

Jacque showing a panel that she had hung outside and had really faded.  At least it looked to have faded evenly.

This picture didn't capture the colors very well, but this was sure pretty. 

And last but not least, Tracy had taken blocks her Mother-in-law had embroidered  and made them into a king sized quilt complete with all Tracy's beautiful quilting!  Next blog I'll show what I brought to the meeting.  Kind of like....continued tomorrow. (Don't you hate those!)   Jolyn

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