Friday, May 6, 2011

It Sprung

   Spring...that is!  Every couple of days I've gone out and taken pictures of our tulips.  (Guess I thought it might encourage them to bloom)
At least you can kind of tell what color they will be.
We're getting closer...and why do I think they will be any color but red?

But of course, old faithful!  They even look kind of pretty first time around.

But here's the most welcome site!  Farmers in the field...and in this farmer.  They are very thankful to be able to get out there and start planting.  The wet and cold weather really slowed them down this year.  I guess if you're a farmer you always have to have "hope".  We have been blessed in that we haven't had tornadoes, floods, earthquakes or tsunamis!!                                 Jolyn

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