Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Every year Blue Earth has their Woodcarver's and Quilter's Expo--almost always on my birthday.  Can't say it is just for my birthday...but I can pretend!    Here's the "before" picture as we try to sort and put skirt hangers on the top of each quilt.

Each year one quilter is chosen to show her quilt progression through the years.  Jude was our honored quilter for this year.  She really had a lot of quilts!

Many hands make light work!  Always so good when a bunch show up.  I did neglect to get a picture of Orry, Tracy's son who came to help hang quilts....just like he used to do before he went off to college.

And it just happened to be Tracy's birthday, so we surprised her with a cake. 

Here are some of Jude's creations.  She rescues Greyhounds and you will see some of the quilts she's made to raise money for them.  Like all of us, she makes quilts to be used.

This is by no means the end of her collection, but I had to pick and choose.  You should have been there!!    Jolyn

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