Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Project

  This is my latest project.  It's called Country Whig Rose by Kim Diehl.  Thankfully there are only 4 blocks.  It will be finished with a pieced border and be a wall hanging. The pattern included an appliqued border, but can't say I really liked it and it made the whole wall hanging too big for the space I want it.   And yes, I know I'm missing a gold circle on the bottom block.  I shouldn't have said that...see how many of you noticed. (maybe I should leave it like this and see if people say anything when it's hanging on the wall.)  I do enjoy applique.  I always look for fairly large, simple shapes, nothing real "pointy" and easy to lay out.  The part I've had the most trouble with are the center 3 circles!  I ripped out the bottom one 3 times...after it was already appliqued on...and pinned and basted and removed many times.  Still not perfect...but it's mine and I'm ok with it.  Also getting those eight circles around the larger flower were a little's mine and I'm happy.  Two more to go!!                         Jolyn

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