Monday, August 15, 2011

Dinner on the Farm

Nothing I enjoy more than dinner out of the garden. In this case....ours and Shawn's.  Neglected to get the homemade rye bread and fresh peaches!  Every day the first thing I do is put water on to boil and can peaches.  My kettle holds 14 pints and so far I've done 5 canners. I think I have one more to go and then we will eat the last lug!!  This is the first sweet corn we've had and I forgot to ask Shawn what kind it was. It was really good!  I didn't leave you any...sorry...kind of

They are delicious fresh, but we will enjoy these this fall and winter when we can't get the fresh any more!  I love hearing the lids pop as they seal!!!  Music to my ears.  Last week I made a Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Syrup on it from "Pioneer Woman's Cookbook". (Love that book!)  So what are you canning or sewing these days...I don't seem to get much done on the sewing part...but that will come.    Jolyn

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